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 Changes in the Solar Angle 





(This was an early post in 2008 before the occurrence of other shifts)

How the angle of the Sun has changed:

The normal position of the sun on the Summer solstice (June 21st, the longest day of the year) should be directly over the Tropic of cancer. This is an imaginary line which is located about 23.5 degrees north of the equator. This equates to the normal angle of tilt on the earth's axis at 23.5 degrees. There is a monument at Todos Santos in Baja Mexico marking the location. You can also find this monument on Google Earth; and by turning on a view of the "grid" you can also see the position of the tropic of cancer as it encircles the earth. This is the farthest north point of the sun. All of us who live north of Mid Mexico where the Tropic of Cancer crosses, should always see the sun to the south of us. Never to the north.

The sun should never appear any farther north than the Tropic of Cancer in Central Mexico. 

Not at any time in over 50 years, have I ever had sunlight shining in the windows on the north side of the house... which faces true north. I'm located on the 33rd latitude, a little more than 675 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer in the north central Texas area. So when I noticed the Sun flooding in the north windows in the mornings and afternoons in 2007, it was hard to miss the blinding sunlight where it had never been before. I was not the first one to mention this. The entire neighborhood was wondering what was going on before I did. I also have friends in Canada and Alaska who were asking the same questions. 

In the US, it was also getting dark a half hour to an hour later than normal for that time of year. People in Texas and Canada noticed it. My friend in Alaska said it is brighter at night now for much longer (as you know, it stays light at night in the summer there). They no longer have the 4 hours of dim twilight in Iceland, Canada or Alaska in the Summer. It is now full daylight with the sun above the horizon during those previous twilight hours where the sun dropped just below the horizon for the twilight hours. That now only occurs in areas where the mountainous terrain  creates a higher horizon to hide the sun. The problem is only the older residents still remember how it used to be and the younger ones never listen with a fixed attitude of ridicule toward their elders, regardless of their years of experience. This is a serious defect in our society. Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to relive it. In this case, they are doomed to suffer in ignorance if they don't begin to pay attention to what the older populations remember about the normal Earth conditions and other subjects. All of these agencies and scientific community are tied to government contracts, grants and government controls. They won't risk their salaries to tell you the truth. Even foreign countries are tied to US financial aid and corporate debt which is used to coerce their complicity and bend to the US demands. It is crucial for everyone to do their own research and think for themselves. You can no longer trust what you are being told about any subject. Especially those controversial issues.

I decided to find out what was going on. I measured the angles of the sunrise and sunset using points of reference and satellite images. I took photos to show the sunrise and sunset reference points then used a satellite image to draw lines so you can see the same thing I saw. I have included those photos on this website and shown the angles and points of reference. 

I used June 21st (the Summer Solstice) as the comparator each year starting in 2007.  The angle of the sun when measured with the 33rd latitude on a satellite map grid was 26 degrees farther to the north from north central Texas. (Keeping in mind that the sun is not supposed to be north of the 23.5 degree latitude... much less, an additional 26 degree angle farther north than the 33 degree latitude.) So the angle of the tilt is off by quite a bit more than the 26 degree angle I measured. This moves the position of the Tropic of Cancer from central Mexico to approximately the border between California and Oregon.

It is my belief that the tilt of the earth's axis has changed and the cause of the axis change is the melting of the polar ice caps. As the land ice melts at the south pole, the weight of that melted ice is distributed in the oceans, thus reducing the weight at the poles. Antarctica being the heaviest because the glacial ice is on top of a large land mass, so at the moment, it is the heaviest point. It acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the earth's balance. However, the earth is slightly larger at the equator and once all of the polar ice has melted, the weight at the equator may cause the axis to continue to increase the angle of the axial tilt. 

According to one scientist who appeared on a science documentary in the spring of 2008, if memory serves; he believed the earth has tipped over on its side and back again several times over the millennia. I think he stated it had occurred about 11 times in the past. He has found evidence of tropics at the poles and glaciers at the equator. Whether or not the earth tips over would obviously be hotly debatable but the redistribution of that arctic ice weight will most definitely continue to impact the tilt of our axis and the tipping over is a distinct possibility we must consider. 

I am providing every piece of solid evidence on this website to back up every statement. I also included data, information and images from irrefutable, reputable sources such as NASA, SOHO, ESA, NOAA, NWS, USGS and many more, on related issues so anyone can click on their links and validate the authenticity of the data. 

You will find nothing on this website which is not supported by authentic data. If I do extrapolate an opinion from the data, I will clearly state that it is an opinion and it will be based on the data contained herein. I will also compare alternate possibilities of what has caused this problem and which scenario is the most likely.



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