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2007 Earthquakes
Jim Berkland devised the only reliable method of predicting earthquakes despite criticism from envious  wannabes.  His methods include a combination of Lunar orbit positions, tidal patterns & animal behaviors resulting  in highly accurate results. He successfully predicted numerous major earthquakes within a week of their occurrence; including the 1989 Oakland Quake and  the March 2011 Japan Quake.  His refusal to withhold his predictions from the public cost him his job as Santa Clara County Geologist he held for 21 years.  He placed the public welfare above his own and refused to withhold his predictions from the public. 
His website  seems to have last been updated in 2010.

EQ Annual Totals

  • 2007 = 29716

  • 2008 = 31840

  • 2009 = 14864

  • 2010 = 23029

  • 2011 = 22348

  • 2012 = 19464

  • 2013 = 92008
  • 2014 = 118702


An increase of over 70,000 in one year in 2013. More than double the expected 40,000 for 2013. After I posted the number, IRIS altered & falsified the results to cover it up. You can still obtain the numbers through USGS which will be listed even though it exceeds the numbers allowed for display.

This graph represents the increase in numbers of global earthquakes between 1973 and 2007. Data obtained from USGS. Data after 2008 eliminated events below 3.0, therefore  post 2008 EQ's were not included in the chart. However, those complete totals  for all EQ's after 2008 were found on IRIS & the USGS archives and are listed separately above.


 New Madrid Fault Activity

During the past 18 months (6-2012 to 1-2014), there has been an increase in earthquakes in the New Madrid fault region located near Missouri.  Between 1973 and 2010 there were no seismic events of any kind in that region.  This new onset of earthquakes in the New Madrid fault region is significant. One of the most massive earthquakes ever to strike the US in  the past 400 years occurred in the New Madrid fault in December 1811 followed by at least 3 major aftershocks  between Dec 1811 and Feb 1812.  All ranging between 7.0 and 8.1 in magnitude.  The quakes were felt as far as Washington DC where the chandeliers swung from the ceilings. The ground in Kentucky rippled like a carpet. Rivers & streams reversed their course, flooding lands & creating lakes & swamps where none existed before.  Entire lakes were seen to have completely drained within hours and great chasms opened  across the region. Near the epicenter, coal dust plumes ejected from the ground. Mines as far as Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia reported cave-in's from the tremors.

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