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The melting of the polar regions has thrown off the balance of the earth.  The ice at Antarctica acts as an anchor point to maintain the balance of the Earth's axis. As the glaciers have  significantly continued to melt, the anchor weight at the south pole has consequently decreased as well. This has allowed the heavier, larger circumference of the earth at the equator to shift downward  into a significantly deeper axis tilt angle.

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Why has no one noticed?

It did not slip all at once. It has been a slow change over the past 20 years, but the most significant axial shifts occurred Dec 2004 (Indonesian Tsunami), Dec 4 and 6, 2006, 2010, Mar 2011.

Despite common misperception, an event like this can happen silently rather than a catastrophic sudden change. A 1200 mile shift would not be felt any more than you can feel the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates nearly 25,000 miles every day. About 1038 miles every hour. You cannot feel a 1200 mile change in the axis any more than you can feel the earth rotate or orbit the sun.

The star layout would only be a miniscule change which the average person would not notice. In the night sky, it would only be inches difference in the stars between the Dakotas and Mexico latitudes. See the "Star Chart" section on the main menu to see the comparison.

Even though this moved our latitude to the south by apx 1200 miles, there is only a 10-20 degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between central American and the Dakotas during the summer. So temperatures normally in the 80's would now be in the 90's to 100's degree Fahrenheit range. Thus it would be reported as a heat wave.  The mid US now has a tropical climate.

In the winter months, we will experience cold waves and ice storms because our increased tilt will have us tilted farther away from the sun in the winter months. 

The astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists have all been silenced by the government to avoid panic, but the United Kingdom has been giving out information pamphlets to their citizens on how to cope with the permanent changes to the weather.

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Warning signs:

Some of our warning signs have been the Dec 2004 Indonesian tsunami;  Mar 2011 Japan quake & Tsunami; Katrina, massive increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, ion storms, massive crop failures, GPS disruption, etc.

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Continuing changes:

As we experience hotter summer heat waves and colder winter cold waves and ice storms, we will require more energy to heat and cool our homes. 

The sea levels will continue to rise. Crop failures will become massive. Weather will begin to have drastic changes.

As the glaciers continue to melt, our planet's axis will continue to slip until it is completely sideways. Both polar regions will be where our equator once was. The rotation of the earth will remain the same except that we will be sideways. But all of our satellites & GPS systems will become misaligned, but they can correct the feeds with new relays to transmit the data... although some satellites will either need to be relocated or replaced.

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What is the government doing?

The world leaders have projects in every corner to deal with flooding and energy needs. The US has engaged in a war for oil to horde the world's oil resources and stockpile these reserves. They will share the resources with other G8 countries such as the UK who aided them in the takeovers to steal the oil. But mostly, the gov't and upper echelon will be saving their own asses leaving the rest of us to fend on our own. 

Grain is being imported from China while the US grain is being stockpiled.

Pharmaceuticals are being stockpiled. Water as well as various foods.

New power companies, as many as 11 per day are being turned up to cope with the increasing power demands.

It is said that the government has been engaging in a massive chemical spraying of the atmosphere to correct the weather. Some say there is a high level of aluminum powder in the spraying which can cause asthma, cancers, other respiratory failures, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. The more of us who die off, the less resources will be needed.

Freedoms are being denied citizens. We are basically under a martial law situation but it won't become apparent until the problem is so obvious to the population that they start sending the troops into the streets to control and lockdown the citizens. Before then, they will help us into early graves with bad medicine, illicit drug access, contaminated foods, bad medical care and anything else to reduce the size of the population... elderly will have it the worst.

FEMA will be in control over all local governments. Their goal is to thin out the populace, not to help people.

The Government has massive underground tunnels and facilities where the chosen ones can retreat to when the weather becomes so terrible it is impossible to survive above ground. The rest of us will be left on the surface to die even though it was our tax dollars which paid for these massive underground facilities from one coast to the other. Thousands of miles of tunnels and facilities.

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As the earth shifts onto its side, the north pole will be facing the sun in the summer and will have equatorial tropical temperatures. The northern hemisphere will be facing the sun during the summer, thus it will be burning hot and always daylight during those months. The south pole will face away from the sun in the summer and will be perpetually cold. The southern hemisphere of the planet will be freezing cold and dark throughout the summer. The equatorial region will be twilight year round and the midpoint between freezing cold and boiling hot. The farther away from the north or south poles, the milder the climate will become and the sun will be more of a twilight.

In the winter months, it will be just the opposite. The south pole will be facing the sun and the north pole away from the sun.

Our best seasons will be Fall and Spring but the temperature will swing from hour to hour from very hot to very cold in a 24 hour period as the planet lays on its side and rotates.

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What can we do?
  • Move away from low lying or coastal areas which are likely to end up permanently under water.
  • Move  into the country where you can have some land to produce what you need.
  • Install solar panels and wind mills to provide your energy needs. You will need to be able to survive off the utility grid.
  • Grow your own gardens, fruits and vegetables. 
  • Plant fruit and nut trees. At least 3 per person. This will also help the CO2 problems.
  • Start canning and storing as much as you can find. It may have to last you the rest of your life.
  • Convert your vehicle to an alternate fuel source.
  • Install wells for water (Cisterns or other alternatives if you have no water sources).
  • Install septic if you don't already have one.
  • Be sure all of your utilities can withstand extreme climates. Weatherize all of them for polar cold temperatures.
  • Build underground facilities, like a basement where you can live if the temperatures get too extreme.
  • Ensure that you have air, ventilation, water, power, bathing, toilet, heating (no gas) food, storage, cooking (no gas), medicines and any other needs you can think of in an underground facility. Have clothing to survive polar weather.
  • Be sure the underground facilities are protected from extreme moisture and include a sump pump. With the freezing cold in winter and the boiling hot summer, you will have constant flooding on the surface.
  • Be sure to set up communication (radio) in your underground facilities as well as things to do. You want your appliances and lighting to function off of DC power. You will also need backup generators. The power room and generators should be above ground because they need ventilation or a separate underground area with ventilation.
  • Also be sure to have weapons and ammunition. Because others who did not prepare will try to take away what you have. You may have to disguise your location and your utility sources and you will need a secure access which cannot be broken into with hidden crawlspaces for alternative emergency exits. You will also need radio & TV reception to keep informed.
  • This is all very similar to the cold war era survival preparations.





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