Axis tilt Images


Earth's Axis shifting caused by melting polar ice 

Earth is basically bottom heavy and top light due to the land-based ice in the south pole region. There is very little land-based ice in the arctic circle except for Greenland & Iceland. Antarctica acts as a gyroscopic anchor point to maintain balance of the planet.  Much like a child's toy which continues to upright itself when knocked over. As the weight of the south pole ice diminished from melting  the earth began to shift on its axis.  The more land-based ice melts the more the earth shifts.  As the land-based ice melts into rising Ocean levels, the weight becomes disbursed as water. Some  Planetary shifts are smooth & gentle and occur without notice. However, sudden sharp shifts result in severe Tsunami's & earthquakes. The Tsunami's are caused by the shifting, not the earthquake... much like a bowl of water sloshing as it is carried. This is why some earthquakes seem to produce Tsunami's while others do not. Because the earthquake does not cause the Tsunami. The movement of the earth shifting is what causes the Tsunami. If there is no shifting in conjunction with an earthquake, then there is no Tsunami. This is my theory. This is why we don't  incur a tsunami each time a large earthquake occurs.

After the Tsunami of Dec 2004, the Earth had shifted about 850 miles making the sun rise and set about 850 miles north of the tropic of Cancer in mid Mexico on June 21st. The Earth shifted again in Dec 2006 which shifted the position to an approximate 1200 increase from the Tropic of Cancer. Between June 2013 and June 2014, the axis shifted yet again to about 2000 miles from its normal position. This places the sun 2000 miles farther north in the summer and 2000 miles farther south in the winter based on the position of the sun at sunrise & sunset on the solstices. We are already at the tipping point. Since the south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the global balance of the axis, it wont take much more ice melt for the Earth to slip the rest of the way onto its side on the equator which is heaviest and the largest circumference. Similar to Uranus where we will continue to rotate on our side with the poles horizontal. Unlike some theories, the Earth will not flip upside down because it has insufficient land weight at the north pole and therefore does not have enough  weight to invert. We would have been better off inverted than on our side with the poles horizontal  but we have insufficient Arctic weight to complete the inversion. 

Be prepared for one hellova tsunami when the final shift occurs. There is evidence this has occurred 11 times in the past. It should be very similar to the movie 2012. Based on the comments and behavior of the gov't, it seems they are expecting a global calamity to occur around 2020 to 2026... but leaning toward 2020... which is just a SWAG on my part... and probably theirs as well. But we are at the tipping point and we are still shifting so it should be soon.

Examples of our current change in axis tilt and our future sideways orientation  are shown below. Keeping in mind, that once the polar regions are horizontal, as we orbit the sun, the equator will face the sun for 3 months, twice a year for seasons #1 and #3. Of the other 2 seasons, one pole will face the sun for 3 months (constant sunlight & constant heat 24/7, season #2) while the other faces away from the sun (constant darkness & constant freezing 24/7, season), then the poles will reverse position during the opposite season #4. We can survive seasons #1 & 3 but the only way to survive seasons #2 and 4 would be to live underground or in the tropical regions near the equator.

AxialTilt.jpg (64490 bytes) B 26d_increase_AxialTilt.jpg (132296 bytes)

Normal 23.5 degree tilt

It is continuing to increase


Normal Axis Tilt 

with normal rotation left to right

Final future shift position  as it will appear

90 degree axis shift onto side 

rotating bottom to top





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